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Anna Amnell: Lucia-books. Info in English


The writing of the Lucia Olavintytär trilogy. The third part is Lucia and Luka [Lucia and Luka], in Finnish. click to see a larger size
The contents of the magazine
Info på svenska Amnell : Lucia ja Luka


This article is written in Finnish. Read here:  Anna Amnell: Firenzestä Turkuun. -Tyyris Tyllerö 4/2013
Illustration is by my son Matti Amnell (Jr).
Anna Amnell: Lucia and Luka 2013
ISBN 978-952-498-842-1, information in English

Read also Lucia is an ell-sized girl (a very short info in several laguahges)
In Anna Amnell's "novel An Ell-Sized Girl (Kyynärän mittainen tyttö, 2004) the idea of difference is explored from the perspective of a short girl captured and taken to the court of Elizabeth I to live as a court dwarf." Kaisu Rättyä.

Anna Amnell's historical novels
all Lucia-books and Aurora-books (Edwardian, immigration to canada)

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